Signs Your Electric Panel Needs an Upgrade- Safety & Costs

Signs Your Electric Panel Needs an Upgrade- Safety & Costs

With the usage of more and more electric gadgets, our dependence on electricity has increased significantly. Since, we all are working from home and plugging more and more appliances like laptops, printer, wifi, A.C., T.V., etc. into the socket. It has become impossible to live without electricity, even for an hour. We take the house’s electric system for granted until we start facing issues like tripped circuit breakers, overloaded outlets, etc.

These might be signs that your electric system is asking for an upgrade. Some upgrades might be simple, but others might need a more elaborate procedure. Let’s look at some signs that will help you understand the need of the hour.

  • Circuit Breaker tripping too often: It is a clear sign that your circuit powering is not working correctly. Simply replacing the circuit breaker might do the job. Otherwise, you need professional help.
  • Breaker trips only when you plug in a particular electric appliance: It is due to the overloaded circuit breaker isn’t up to its job. You need to replace it or consult an electrician to check other issues.
  • The burning odour from the breaker box or outlet means the wires are wearing down and need replacement. This is a serious problem as this can result in a fire break. You need a professional electrician to fix the issue.
  • Black stain or burned spots on the breaker panel or a wall outlet: This indicates that your circuits are receiving more current than they should. This can cause a potential fire. You should seek professional help for fixing the issue.
  • Melted wires: This is a clear indication the wires need instant replacement. You should not try to DIY such risky projects and contact an electrician as soon as possible.
  • Hissing sound from the breaker box: This might be due to the burning of internal equipment wires. This can be very dangerous and might break fire. Consult a professional in such cases.
  • Lights and LEDs flickering rapidly: This issue is not limited to the lights but might be occurring due to lack of energy. Due to appliances not receiving enough power to function properly lights flicker. Consult an electrician for further upgrade.
  • Appliances overheat when turned on: This indicates that your appliances are not getting the right amount of power. It can be low or high, depending on the circuit. You need to take a closer look to figure out the exact issue before moving forward.
  • A fused panel or Fuse box melt in older homes: The fuse melts and breaks the circuit when there is an issue. Preventing any mishap from taking place. There is nothing wrong with that. You need to swap the fuse box.

 Cost for Fixing the Issue

If you need or are considering an upgrade for your electric panel, the ideal time would be while taking another remodel. This way, you can bring the price down by taking professional help. The most significant chunk will be labour, which generally costs between $600 and $2200.

The cost can be estimated based on the exact work that is going to take place.

However, here are basic quotations.

However, the following are rules of thumb.

Upgrading your Amp service To 200 amps To 400 amps1,300-3,000 2,000-4,000
Switching from an old fuse box to a circuit breaker1,300-3,000 2,000-4,000
Moving an electrical panel1,000-2,000

 Keeping your electric system up to date will not keep you safe and sound. But will also give you mental peace. This will also save you time, money, and any future inconvenience.

Signs Your Electric Panel Needs an Upgrade- Safety & Costs
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