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Electrical Panel Upgrade

Panel Upgrade Electrical Services

orange county panel upgrade

We all work hard to give our family a luxurious and safe place to live but often forget to take care of it. A house is incomplete without proper electrification and all the wire fittings come together in a small box, containing fuses. And, this box is called an electrical panel. It is the most important element that will save your house from electric fires. When a high voltage line passes through the wires, the fuse melts down and the stop flow of current.

But as the technology is booming, there has been a huge update on the internal structure of the panel. It is now made on the requirement of today’s electrical items and the voltage capacity needed to run your house smoothly. You should replace your old electric panel with the newly built panels that are more functional than the previous one. If you are still confused, here are some of the signs that your home is giving every day but you are not able to understand-


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Take a quick look at your electric panel and see if you are facing any of these similar issues and if you are, it is advisable that you must get your panel upgraded.

Installing a new electric panel should be only done by professionals. An error in fixing any of the wire can cause huge damage to your house. Do not try to follow the internet while performing such a dangerous task.

To get an electronic panel upgrade in Orange County area, you need to reach out to a company that has immense experience in this field like Bidram Electric.


We are a team of professional electricians who have more than 15 years of experience in providing well qualified electronic services. Bidram provides its services in all the cities of the organic country and ranked number one sport as an experienced service provider. We have more than 1000 happening clients who have had a wonderful experience while getting their work done by us.

Our team provides services for both residential and commercial purposes. We first break down your budget into different areas and work efficiently to serve the maximum output even in a very constrained budget.  

We are very sincere towards the quality of all our services and follow all the guidelines while installing an electric panel in your home or any other commercial places. Our electricians are well trained to perform such huge tasks. We take care of our client’s vision and prioritize tasks according to their requirement.

If you are looking for Panel Upgrade in Orange County area,  contact us anytime to get free one to one consultation calls with our experts. We will discuss your problem in detail and give you a structured solution keeping your budget in mind. This will help you in getting a better understanding of your problem and how we can solve it hassle-free.  

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