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Electric Panel Upgrade Guide – When to Upgrade and How to Upgrade

Electric Panel Upgrade Guide

Electrical Panel sare the control centres and regulators of the electricity in your home. Electric Panels controls out-of-order current and overloading levels, which can have dangerous consequences in your home like a fire! They break the flow of current, thus preventing such accidents from happening.

You need to keep up with the health of the Electrical Panel in your home.  A defective electrical panel can work incorrectly and cause accidents instead of preventing them. With time, our homes are changing, the appliances we use are increasing, and the way we use electricity is also modifying. Everything in our life reaches us through electricity, and the usage of electricity is far more than what they were 25 or even 10 years ago. Old Electrical Panels may not be equipped to deal with such rapid and extensive use of energy and can malfunction because of the overload. This is very important to keep your Electrical Panel updated and replaced as needed.

Do you need an Electric Panel Replacement?

It is common for people to not check up on their Electric Panels and even forget about them, but it is very important to keep checking their functionality from time to time. This way, you can make sure your Electrical Panel is healthy and be aware of its faults and check if it needs to be replaced. A complete panel replacement can also include an upgrade in your electrical panel’s grounding system and bonding. This ensures safety against any electrical shock. Here are some symptoms or reasons why you should consider replacing your Electrical Panel.

  •  If your Electric Panel is older than 10 years old and there have been major developments in your home’s electric appliances.
  • If you have noticed any fluctuations or flickering in the lights of your house, especially while a heavier appliance is started or in use.
  •  If there is any physical damage to the electrical box like corrosion or rusting.
  • If you’ve heard any sparking like sound or seen any smoke or spark coming out of the Electric Panel Box.
  • If the Electric Panel feels hot or you get an electric shock from the Panel or any of your electrical slots.
  • If there has been any water damage to or near the Electrical Panel.
  • If you are an avid user of extension cords or heavy electrical machinery.
  • If there are frequent circuit trips and electricity cut-offs.
  • You should most probably get your fuse box replaced with Electrical Pane as they are more reliable, safer, and easier to maintain. Fuse boxes are a bit outdated when it comes to controlling the overload of energy, and it is better to replace them.

You can

How Can You Upgrade Your Electrical Panel?

  • It is always safer and more efficient to work with a suitable electrician to help your Electric Panel up-gradation and replacement. It can be dangerous to take these matters into your hands if you are not equipped with the right tools and knowledge.
  • Make sure to understand the entire process before starting completely.
  • Make sure the main electricity sources are turned off.
  • The cost of changing an electrical Panel depends on multiple factors like the location of the site, the damage, and the level of change required. The cost varies, but it can be a bit high range for quality services.
  • You should discuss the quality and brand of Electrical panels and refer to any reviews you can find to select the panel carefully.

Getting your electric panel is a wise decision and some people may think of it as an extra expenditure, but it can save you from the accidents that will lead to financial as well as emotional distress!

Electric Panel Upgrade Guide – When to Upgrade and How to Upgrade
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