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Bidram Electric

For over 25 years Bidram Electric has been one of the premier companies in Vehicle recharge. We provide vehicle recharge through electric panels. Our team of the experienced and qualified team has helped us provide quality service to our customers. We have experience in all domains of this field. With people turning to electric vehicles in an attempt to conserve fuels we have a wonderful team that has makes sure that this happens. 

This is our attempt in conserving natural fuels and helping the world turn to alternative energy sources. 


If you are wondering about what is so special about our organization, then here you go. You have got a few major reasons why choosing us will be beneficial to you. Here are the reasons:

We are in a world where we require available services 24/7 as we never know what can happen when. At such times we are here to help you and serve you for the whole 24/7 with complete passion and dedication.

Our organization has employed the best of the best employees who work with complete passion and dedication. Our workforce in Bidram Electric has got a professional team that works in full force when it comes to service. Our professionals are skilled, trained, and service-minded to offer you the finest service.

Working with the people in bidram electric we assure and guarantee a satisfying service. Our clients will return with complete happiness and fulfillment after working with us. And our employees are very friendly and do the job perfectly with a smiling face.

Bidram Electric offers a free Estimate of the cost that the job in hand will charge them. We have got a team to explain everything and clear all your doubts and provide you with a free estimate of the cost to complete the task at hand. 

How to contact us?

You can contact us by calling the number provided on our website, or you can request a quote by giving a few details such as your name, subject, email id, and submit it to our page.  We are available from Monday to Saturday to provide you with a dedicated service.

You can also know more about us by following us on social media such as Instagram and Facebook.

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