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Bidram Electric

Bidram Electric has been at the top for over 25 years in Plumbing and Dry Sanitation. We have got the experienced and well-qualified people to do the job in the fine and right way. Bidram Electric has done a lot of works in different fields of the industry. When we are in a world where people think to work in sanitation, our team has got the will to work for the good of our clients.

We aim to make the world healthy by first helping people in Dry Sanitization and various other services for a clean and friendly environment.


Our major mission is to strive hard to serve the best of our clients’ service and serve them with a whole heart. We work every day to satisfy our clients as we value and believe in their satisfaction for a successful organization. Our employees work consistently and dedicatedly to give the right and finest service that our customers wish for.

Along with our dedicated service, we also make sure our clients’ safety and hygiene are of most importance to us. We want our clients to feel relaxed and calm while taking over their burden and bringing out a wonderful result of it with our 25 years of expertise.


If you are wondering about what is so special about our organization, then here you go. You have got a few major reasons why choosing us will be beneficial to you. Here are the reasons:

We are in a world where we require available services 24/7 as we never know what can happen when. At such times we are here to help you and serve you for the whole 24/7 with complete passion and dedication.

Our organization has employed the best of the best employees who work with complete passion and dedication. Our workforce in Bidram Electric has got a professional team that works in full force when it comes to service. Our professionals are skilled, trained, and service-minded to offer you the finest service.

Working with the people in bidram electric we assure and guarantee a satisfying service. Our clients will return with complete happiness and fulfillment after working with us. And our employees are very friendly and do the job perfectly with a smiling face.

Bidram Electric offers a free Estimate of the cost that the job in hand will charge them. We have got a team to explain everything and clear all your doubts and provide you with a free estimate of the cost to complete the task at hand. 


We have Licensed Electrical Contractors who have work experience for about 25 years in Plumbing and Dry Sanitization and 15 years of experience in serving all cities in Orange County. BBB Accredited Business has given us A+. We strive to do quality service at your budget plan. At Bidram Electric, we offer both Commercial Electrical Services and also Residential Electrical Services.

How to contact us?

You can contact us by calling the number provided on our website, or you can request a quote by giving a few details such as your name, subject, email id, and submit it to our page.  We are available from Monday to Saturday to provide you with a dedicated service.

You can also know more about us by following us on social media such as Instagram and Facebook.

Please feel free to call us

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